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An excerpt from'Call'

‘The first call is OK. Hi Cathy it’s Bill McManus here, I’m at The George. Hi pet. Aye sorry to bother you, Sarah needs picked up ah hink. She’s a wee bitty upset, naw naw notae worry she’s nae bother, nae bother at all, it’s a hard time so it is. How’ve you been keepin? Oh aye, it’s no easy, hi. Our Moira was the same for a long time aifter her mither. It’s no the same but ken. Have you got the car? That’s grand. Ahdtuckur masel but for the polis, Jim Wilson’s git three points and that wis the day aifter. That’s grand see you shortly tahrah.’

A little bit about Rachael Fulton

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Rachael Fulton is a Scottish journalist and editor. She studied Spanish and Multimedia Journalism at universities in Glasgow, then worked as a local reporter for Scottish Television and later as a comic book editor for Mark Millar at Netflix. During that time, she won Elle Magazine’s New Talent Award for fiction, two refugee media awards and a MIND media award for her journalism. In 2020 she returned to her rural hometown of Castle Douglas to help her parents run the family business, and to focus on her own writing. Her short stories Call and Blood were published in the Bridport Anthology and by The Common Breath later that year. Another short story, Witches, is due to be published in 2021 and is currently in development as a sitcom. Rachael cares very deeply about feminism and racial equality, and in women of all races and backgrounds having a platform to tell their stories. She has volunteered in various roles in care homes, refugee camps and slums in different parts of the world and hopes to do similar humanitarian work in future. She is editor of the local community paper and splits her time between Castle Douglas and Glasgow.

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