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Stella Duffy: A life on the page

Stella Duffy OBE is an author, playright and short-story writer. Her novels The Room of Lost Things and State of Happiness were long-listed for the Orange Prize. Her novel, The Hidden Room, will be published by Virago in July.

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Salley Vickers.jpg

Interview with the Short Story writer Salley Vickers

The former psychoanalyst talks to Sophie Haydock about starting her career at 50, the privilege of writing, and staying close to her unconscious

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Mark LAwson.jpg

Interview with author and journalist Mark Lawson, who's a judge on this year's award

He speaks to Sophie Haydock about how politics and technology can ruin fiction, and the worst advice a writer can be given…

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Interview with the shortlisted British author Richard Lambert

He talks to Sophie Haydock about the inspiration for the story’s academic format, how he blurred the lines of history, and the surprise of finding out that a story that had been sitting in a drawer had been shortlisted for a £30,000 award

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Interview with Bret Anthony Johnston: "Write what you're afraid to know"

He talks to Sophie Haydock about curiosity, the current political climate and his unusual childhood desire to be a “garbage collector”

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Kathleen Alcott.jpeg

Interview with the American author Kathleen Alcott

She discusses the digital sphere that inspired her story and her own social media anxiety with Sophie Haydock

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Interview with the play-wright and author Victor Lodato

He speaks to Sophie Haydock about the music of writing, drawing inspiration from his theatre background and the patience required to turn one’s memories into the basis for stories

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Interview with the American author Celeste Ng

“Would it be confusing, or enlightening, to never be able to leave the past behind?” Interview by Sophie Haydock

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Sakky Rooney.jpeg

Sally Rooney, 26, reveals the secrets of her shortlisted story, Mr Salary

She talks to Sophie Haydock about her early success, the extent to which fiction should draw on “real life” and the influence of luck

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Anna Metcalfe.jpg

Anna Metcalfe: a friend kept saying to me: “This is a big deal”

She describes how being on the shortlist felt like a big hug and someone whispering: “It’s OK to keep going, to keep doing this thing that you love”

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